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Northern Virginia Lacrosse Camp

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Northern Virginia Lacrosse Camp, a division of McRae's Sports Zone, Inc., began in 1995 with little over 70 campers. Twenty-six years later, our camps have seen thousands of campers improve their lacrosse skills and for some pick up a stick for the very first time. The goal of the camp is to teach the fundamentals of the game, while giving the players a new appreciation for the sport. The camp is designed to take the experienced players to the next level and to assist the beginning players in developing a solid foundation.
While the focus of the camp is on the fundamentals of the game, special emphasis is placed on education and the potential to play lacrosse at the college level.

For younger campers, attention is placed on understanding each component of the game, including the rules of play. Each element of the game is broken down into easy to understand pieces. Players are encouraged to experiment with new field positions, to try using their non-dominant hand to improve stick skills, and to enhance their ability to read the field.

Campers are placed into groups by age and evaluated on their skill level. Players who are advanced for their age may be moved into the upper age level, provided that both the coach and the parent agree that such a move is in the camper's best interest.

Regardless of age or skill level, respect, sportsmanship, and commitment remains the priority of the camp. If any camper does not show respect and/or sportsmanship to the other campers or coaches, he will be asked to leave camp.

Northern Virginia Lacrosse Camps are day camps only and overnight accommodations are not provided. Early morning drop-off is available at no extra charge. Campers are responsible for their own equipment, including a mouthpiece. Each camper will receive a reversible jersey and sponsor gear. All camps include raffles and contests with prizes.

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